Social Benefit Token

The WIRD Social Benefit Token is a central part of our ecosystem. It drives interaction and rewards participation between users.

Undiscovered Story Game

Our trivia game is focused on highlighting the achievements of girls and women. Players learn while they earn.


The protocols we have developed allow for meaningful social interactions across our products and exemplify our vision for improving how people use the Internet.

WIRD World

Because of the primacy of the Internet in our lives today, it is difficult for us to imagine a time when people were less connected. Our planned social good, social media platform will provide the requisite tools for the creation of community-led initiatives, where like-minded people will interact with each other in impactful ways.

Social Benefit Token

WIRD is all about community — why we participate, when we interact and what we choose to share. The WIRD Social Benefit Token creates incentives that support and encourage positive engagement.

Know & Be Known

Our invite only network requires all participants to vouch for one another. Users receive reward points for referring others as well as additional benefits when their referrals are active in the community.

Talk Data to Me

We encourage user to take charge of their personal data. They tell us how and if their data can be shared.


WIRD loves technology but sometimes it’s good to get fresh air. We empower users to make positive impact in their communities and around the world.

Undiscovered Story Game

Undiscovered Story is our cross-platform trivia game where players “learn and earn” for social good. The game specifically highlights the achievements of girls and women across a variety of fields. Players are rewarded for each correct answer they give. 


Every registered player gets a digital wallet with a predetermined amount of free Undiscovered Story Tokens.


Players earn additional tokens by answering questions correctly.



Players can donate to verified charities.


At WIRD, we strive to embody our values and have developed a series of protocols that are not only congruent with what we believe but also with our notion of how the Internet and the world can be better.

Stake Your Reputation Protocol (SYRP)

SYRP  is based on the premise that our networks of trust, reputation and reciprocity are critical. As a social-validation protocol, SYRP allows for the processing of peer-to-peer transactions and persists the state of those transactions across a network of loosely trusted members or nodes.

Get People's Permission Protocol (GPPP)

GPPP acknowledges the next step in the evolution of advertising will be permission-based. The protocol allows users to opt-in or out , is easy to use, and is founded on our non-negotiable principle: Your data belongs to you. 

Kindness Empathy Support and Participation Protocol (KESP)

We believe kindness scales. This notion is fundamental to our ecosystem, and the use of our KESP protocol in our rewards systems for our trivia game, Undiscovered Story Game, is indicative of this.

WIRD World

WIRD World is our planned community-led social good, social media platform. As both a social network and a marketplace for social benefit, that is partially based on game theory, users will use the platform to start local iniatives and receive Social Benefit Tokens for their work in conceptualizing, planning, and executing social good ventures. 

Market Place

WIRD World will provide for marketplace interactions between people and approved businesses and organizations.


By meeting like-minded people, users will be able to leverage their talent and network to start initiatives, and meet individual or community needs.



As they organize and take action, users will meet real needs and make positive impact in their communities and/or around the world!

Wild Idea Research and Development (WIRD) is a public benefit company focused on building products that enable the creation of positive, community-led initiatives and content. Using decentralized technologies, we seek to create real connections between people and are achieving this through community-geared products, including our trivia game, social benefit token, various protocols, and a planned social good, social media platform.