Our Mission

Increase people’s capacity for empathy, both online and offline.

Committed to the Core
Our founders, team, and advisors have launched and continue to support global charitable initiatives focused on some of society’s most urgent challenges.

Strategic Collaboration
We have collaborated with internationally renowned change agents including Jane Goodall, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Malala Yousafzai.

We actively seek out and support philanthropic endeavors, social good NGOs, non-profits and foundations with demonstrable results, focusing on those organizations that are led by and support women and girls.

Support Others
Projects we’ve supported in developing countries, our efforts have included ensuring clean drinking water, preserve wildlife habitats, promote education for girls, protect endangered species and support entrepreneurship through micro-financing.

In the USA, Team WIRD collaborates with a number of charities that are tackling the growing epidemic of homelessness, as well as addressing food insecurity, sustainable development, and climate change.

We Are W(e)IRD.

WIRD (pronounced weird) was conceived out of the notion that people want to do good for themselves, for their communities and around the world. 

We stand apart primarily by fostering engaged community and providing a means for people to get involved in real-world causes–powered by the immutability of distributed ledger technologies.

WIRD encourages community-led initiatives to incentivize participation and generate a positive impact.


Gregory Kennedy, Co-Founder

Gregory is a Blockchain Architect, Consultant, Former Silicon Valley Co Unix & Linux Systems Engineering manager, Commodities + Options arbitrage and Broker (CBOT) and Educator.

He is the creator of the Social Benefit Blockchain Protocol Stack and the Undiscovered Story “Earn and Learn” Cryptocurrency Game currently in Beta as of May 2019.


Noam Dromi, Co-Founder

Noam Dromi is the President and Co-Founder of WIRD PBC and Legion of Creatives (LOC). Noam is an Emmy award winner and an writer/producer, marketing executive, digital strategist and cross platform content expert and educator. Read his full biography here.


Ayman Afzal, Senior Lead Backend Developer

Ayman is an entrepreneur and self-taught student of computer science, starting his study as a freelancer and building his career and expertise from there. In the past, he has developed custom-built, complex ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems and is currently supporting several software products at WIRD. He is passionate about crafting both server- and client-side code, which he loves doing in the dark with a mug filled with coffee.

Melissa Sutor, Advisor

Melissa Sutor is a mindfulness expert, speaker, and corporate consultant developing creative solutions at the intersection of mindfulness, technology, and social good with special focus on diversity and inclusion initiatives. Her diversity work spans over 20 years creating bridges that genuinely connect people including travel to over 60 countries engaging with people of various cultures and backgrounds. Prior to receiving an advanced degree in Counseling Psychology, Melissa was the first African-American to receive an advanced degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame.

Nikita Mittal, Senior Lead Clientside Developer

Nikita is a software engineer who obtained her computer science degree at JSSATE in Noida, India. As a member of the product team, she is developing architectures and algorithms for a number of WIRD’s products. Passionate about IoT, AI, and Blockchain, she enjoys experimenting with new technologies and optimizing algorithms so technology can better meet humanity’s growing needs.

Ayshwarya Shyam, Senior Lead UI/UX Developer

Ayshwarya is a UX and UI designer with a deep empathy for people and a natural affinity for human behavior. A believer in design as relational–beyond aesthetic–she is committed to providing solutions that connect to the “hearts” of users. She is motivated by meeting user needs and is always passionate to learn how new technologies can meet those needs.

Uday Seethamsetty, Senior Blockchain Solution Architect

Uday Kumar Seethamsetty is Adroit & Certified IOT Blockchain Solution Architect with over 12+ years of experience including R&D Wing Setups. He is a frequent contributor, speaker and advisor on blockchain and cryptocurrencies and leads the WIRD Team in our work on decentralized blockchain projects. Uday also has a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) certification and has served as a subject matter expert) in the insurance and banking industries. He has also made contributions to various other fields, including robotics and process automation.

Shantel Brooks, Marketing Manager (USA Social Media)

Shantel is WIRD’s U.S.-based social media guree. She manages all of our social channels–not a small feat but lucky for us her super power is being highly-organized!

Colin Stewart, Advisor & Holochain Architecture

Colin is a full stack architect and is the former founder of Direct Harvest (DH) which was recently acquired by Producers Market in July 2018.

Colin is a respected member of the Holochain regenerative agriculture team, who has ported the DH Market Maker app to Holochain over two days in July 2018. He is an Blockchain (DLT), and Holochain (DHT) expert, and an Agriculturalist with academic experience in genetics and agricultural economics.

He has an extensive network of influencers in organic agriculture communities in the Midwest, West Coast, and Pacific Northwest as well as in the technical community.


Dave Room, Advisor

Dave’s most important identifier is Melia’s Papa. His teenage daughter Melia is his joy and inspiration. Since receiving a B.S. and M.S. in Engineering from Stanford University, Room has had leadership roles in startups, nonprofits, and social enterprises in a variety of emergent fields. He fashions himself a shift shaper as all of his work is to create pathways for collective shifts in consciousness. As an inventor, his current focus is augmented reality books and distributed ledger systems for social innovation, specifically the organization and curation of knowledge, collective decision making, and collective asset management.

Specialties: Distributed ledger technology, Blockchain, Wisdom Tech, Collective Intelligence, Augmented reality, transformational entertainment, applied storytelling, story sculpting, narrative analysis, breathing, improvisation, inspiration, resilience, sustainability, performance measurement, process improvement.


Jason Huffnagle, Content Manager

Jason is a member of the WIRD marketing team, creating content for our website, social media, and podcast. As a writer, he has worked in a variety of contexts, including penning an online travel series and other more technical work like GDPR compliance. Previously, he worked for the United States Senate, serving his home state of Alaska for nearly six years. He is interested in community development–online and IRL–and the near-limitless promise of Blockchain technology. He has studied at the U.S. Naval War College and received his Bachelor of Arts in History from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California.

Jay Williams, Advisor

Jay Williams is the CEO of Legion of Creatives, a WIRD PBC strategic partner. He is a 17-year veteran of the Walt Disney Company where he served in numerous senior level positions. Williams is an Emmy Award winning global marketing and creative executive with significant professional experience across all areas of the entertainment business including movies, television, digital, theme parks and emerging technologies.

He has a proven track record, having overseen over 200 well known theatrical marketing campaigns (including the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and many others) with box office totals of several billion dollars.

He previously served as the President of KO Paper Products, the production company founded by mega writer/producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci who launched the Transformers and Star Trek franchises in addition to numerous leading films and television programs.

LOC’s recently produced episodes for the “Walking Dead” franchise , has earned them an Emmy Award nomination in July 2018.


Jorge Rodriquez, Smart Contract Security

Jorge is an Senior Smart Contract Security Auditor, Influencer, Ethical Hacker, Blockchain & Innovation Specialist Ebitcoin, Cedex, Patron, Peculium, Bitfinex, Coinbase.

Justin Smith PHD, CTO Blockchain / AI Developer

Justin is developing new protocols to run energy efficient fintech systems. Stake Your Reputation Protocol – SYRP – Proof without Work aka Proof of Future, aka Proof of Process. Responsible for developing new p2p exchange protocols and implementation for enterprise level business applications, including design and integration of AI for media and content distribution, and financial services. He is a scientist, a software engineer, economist, artist, social psychologist, and a fintech revolutionary.

He has spent the last 20 years working to address issues related to social justice and climate change using and now is combining blockchain, DLT and artificial intelligence to construct a new financial system, one that values people, the environment, and scientific advancement.

He holds a Masters degree in International Development Economics from St. Marys University. Justin completed his PhD in 2013 at WSU. His doctoral research focused on the influence of ethical value in driving consumer decision making. Justin was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at Cornell University funded by the EPA.


Kiran Paturi, Software Engineer

Kiran Paturi is a skilled software engineer and product manager and has an extensive track record of devising unique solutions for large projects. He is fascinated by, and drawn to, cutting-edge technologies and implementation methodologies, which lead to his work developing DAPPs, Wallets, ICO’s and Exchanges. He is a passionate and enthusiastic contributor to the field of Blockchain and has worked with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger, R3-corda and Holochain.

Rachel Jim, Advisor

Rachel is an intellectually ambidextrous intrapreneur immersed in the world of blockchain and creating value by stitching the Internet of Things together with One Billion Founders.

In a nutshell, Rachel is a reverse growth hacker. She identifies a problem or process that is causing pain to customers, then helps companies become better versions of themselves by offering services from startups or individuals who can provide a solution.

She is an advocate for developing TRUST with transparency for the “right” reasons, and encourages “SMART” people to create VALUE with their relationship capital (if mobile phones can do it, so can people!).

Rachel is a “Human API” and actively collaborates with Web 3.0 platforms and marketplaces to fractionalize the trade of digital proprietary. Her aim is to culture a micro-segment of society who co-create delightful experiences by activating digital tokens as assets.

She adopts the cooperative framework as a core foundation for developing decentralized economies of frictionless transactions when engaging with trusted brands. She supports ventures by curating mutually beneficial partnerships, product design, research and market scoping, visual creative, crowdfunding campaigns, journalism and content writing.


Vivek Chaturvedi, Chief Innovation Officer

Vivek can be best described as a visionary, out of the box thinker, with a deeply intuitive understanding of technology and business and the ability to connect dots in new and unique ways. With a career spanning the Indian Navy, United Technologies, the Dot-com boom in the U.S. and mCom boom in India, he has a breadth of experience at the highest levels of diverse industries.

Yusuph Masanja, Advisor

Yusuph is the Tanzanian Coordinator of the Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC) and a multimedia artist. Yusuph is currently integrating his artistic skills, leadership skills and love for Nature to develop leadership programs, teaching techniques (curriculums), and strategic planning to help organizations achieve greatness.

For years Yusuph worked as the Regional Coordinator for the Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots, facilitating cross-cultural programs with International Volunteer program by working closely with volunteers coming from the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany and Australia.

Yusuph earned his Graduate Diploma in Business Management from the Association of Business Executives, focusing on Project Management. Yusuph is also a graduate of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), the Shift Network – Peace Ambassador Program and the Creative Enterprise (a program by the British Council and Nesta).


Shay Awogbile, Graphic Designer

Shay is an award-winning graphic designer and brand strategist. He is passionate about the confluence of functionality and emotional delight in every designed human experience.

Visual design is his expertise, and that is what he brings to the table at WIRD. Since studying architecture and industrial design, Shay has worked in different design positions and is now a design and brand strategy consultant for startups in the New York area.

When he is not working on a branding or web design project, you can find him designing children’s books, playing billiards or reading about cutting-edge technology, innovation, and novel business practices.


Azhar Bahrainwala, UI/UX/PM (WIRD World)

Azhar is former State Department and Pentagon design engineer gone User Experience guru. Passionate about empathetic design, his work strives to always keep the end user in mind––rigorously applying research and testing in his design work to that end. Before coming to WIRD, he worked as an independent UX contractor, offering UX services to clients in NYC and New Jersey.

Clifford Chapman III, Advisor

Clifford is an intrapreneur, entrepreneur and growth architect with 20 years of diverse enterprise IT consulting experience. He is Managing partner for Cre8ation Ventures a Venture Accelerator focused on emerging FinTech, Blockchain, Data Analytics, and Immersive AR/VR Technology. He is a recognized innovation leader, advisor, and coach, to entrepreneurs, celebrity influencers, and professional sports franchises. He’s Passionate about helping organizations expand business/funding opportunities in Europe and Asia. Clifford serves as the Asian Corridor (Shenzhen & Shanghai China) Venture Partner for the Sports Analytics World Series (discovering new technologies in Sports Science) powered by KPMG.

He’s responsible for investor relations, strategic partnerships, and corporate partnerships with sports franchises (FIFA, FIBA, LA LIGA, CBA) across Asia and Europe. Clifford began his IT & Professional Services Consulting career with Kirloskar Inc. a 6-Billion-dollar offshore Software Engineering Company out of Bangalore India, where he quickly rose through the ranks and became VP US Operations. He co-launched two tech companies/incubators investing in woman owned SaaS startups.


An updated version of our Blue Paper, which covers who we are as a company, will be available October 2019.

An updated version of our Purple Paper, which outlines our company’s core values (liberty, equality, and truth) and how Undiscovered Story lives up to those values, will be available October 2019.

An updated Lean Canvas, which summarizes much of the Purple and Blue Papers, will be available in October 2019.

WIRD Code Ecosystem.  Ninety percent of our code is open source with ten percent  of it being proprietary and unpublished.

Wild Idea Research and Development (WIRD) is a public benefit company focused on building products that enable the creation of positive, community-led initiatives and content. Using decentralized technologies, we seek to create real connections between people and are achieving this through community-geared products, including our trivia game, social benefit token, various protocols, and a planned social good, social media platform.