April has been a month of firsts for the WIRD Team, with the last week being particularly exciting. At the beginning of the month, as explained in a recent Medium post, we took a big step towards our launch by initializing a pre-sale, where users and advertisers can take advantage of the reduced price of $0.10, usually $0.15, for Undiscovered Story Game Tokens (UDGT). The proceeds from these sales will not only support our project, but fully 1/3 of these sales will go towards girls- and women-led initiatives around the world, including Black Girls Code , Project Soar Morocco, Code to Inspire , and the  Malala Fund.

We also kicked off our bounty program on Bounty0x. In just over two weeks, at the time of the writing of this post, we have had nearly 1600 submissions to the program. This vote of confidence is tremendous and humbling, and we are eager to continue our partnership with these new members of our WIRD Community.

Last, and certainly not least, we issued the beta release of Undiscovered Story, our crypto-powered trivia game. Players can still sign-up (until the end of today) to participate in our beta testing as well as receive 88 free UDGT, the game’s native crypto utility token.

Through all of this, we have seen a dramatic expansion in the WIRD Community, which has grown many times over since the beginning of the month. The community’s kind words and excitement regarding Undiscovered Story and support for our overall mission is energizing. While we know what we are working towards is a worthy goal, we are grateful to everyone who is increasingly making it a reality.

Here’s to May!