Our co-founder, Noam Dromi, was recently a guest on Lori Schwartz’s technology trends podcast Tech Cat. He and Lori discuss a range of topics, including tech trends such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), cross-platform content creation, and the kinds of projects and decision making he has to make in a changing––and increasingly diffuse––entertainment landscape. Noam also describes the mission of our eponymously-named planned social good, social media platform, WIRD World.
My team and I have launched a research and development undertaking that we hope will succeed, called WIRD World. And WIRD World’s mission is very simple that we want to build a digital future that is focused on inclusion and representation. We want to create a digital tool that really allows artists to create a market place where they can sell their goods and services in a meaningful way and do so for social benefit.
He later paints a picture of the role software will increasingly play in democratizing the distribution of creative undertakings, and how what we’re working on, as currently planned, relates to this trend in tech.
But at the end of the day, it really is the belief that if we can develop software solutions that put control back in artists’ hands and it can allow independent distribution of content experiences, that’s an exciting undertaking.
If you’re interested in content creation and digital trends, the entire interview is worth listening to (yeah we’re biased) but Noam starts talking about WIRD World specifically at 29:40.